What is the date of Diwali and what should we do at Home

Calendar 2020 Diwali, Date of Diwali and what should we do at home? 

What is the Date of Diwali in the 2020 ? 

This year Deepawali or Diwali is coming Saturday, 14 November 2020wish you all a Happy Diwali. Also called Diwali or Deepawali, this festival of lights is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated every year. One of the biggest and brightest festivals in India. It is said that King Rama of Ayodhya returned on the day of Deepawali or Diwali after his fourteen years of exile. Ayodhya people lit ghee lamps to welcome Shri Rama. That night of the dark black moon of Kartik month was illuminated by the light of lamps. Since then, Indians celebrate this festival of light with joy and gaiety every year.

what should we do at home? 

People start cleaning their houses, shops etc. The streets in the markets are also decorated with golden flags. Even before Diwali, the houses, neighborhoods, markets all appear clean and well-decorated.