50 Types of crackers Happy Diwali - 2020

Happy Diwali Friends last year we write a diwali post In that we told how to celebrate diwali with out crackers But many friends commented that diwali is incomplete without fire crackers. 

We get only 1 day for crackers Mom also said yes. For 1 day only We will celebrate Diwali with 50 type of crackers If you like crackers, share with your friends And tell us your favourite cracker name We will enjoy a lot today But kids will only watch the crackers Me and uncle will light the bigger fire crackers. 

 Let us Start Yes Today we will have a party What will we play first sparklers This one is even bigger than aayu Happy Diwali (Festival of Lights) After it is finished, we will put it in bucket of water What is the next cracker ??? Pencil This was Siren Pencil This is Pencil Green Pencil This is Pop up This is Hunter This is Camera Cracker It looks like taking photo This is big shooter gun cracker This is Butterfly It looks very beautiful Who all likes to dance ??? All of us I got Spiral crackers Siren Spiral cracker Disco spiral cracker This is Flower pot cracker Siren flower pot Yellow flower pot This is a different type of siren flower pot Very Good Dad what is this Pot??? Where did you find this ??? This is also a flower pot cracker - Kids will not light this up they will watch from a distance This is the biggest flower pot Can we play with this ??? No this is not Football Laughing This is my green cone cracker This is my Siren flower pot Small rope cracker this is a little bigger this one a little more big and this is the biggest I have the biggest cracker in my hand We have to play these crackers for far distance Play these crackers with safety This one is the biggest !!! This is ROCKET This is 7 SHOTS This is MERRY GO ROUND It shows so many stars in sky WOW This is SKY SHOT in RED colour This is SKY SHOT in GREEN colour This is SKY SHOT in WHITE colour This is PARACHUTE rocket This is DOUBLE PARACHUTE rocket 2000 longest cracker fireworks This is the biggest cracker WOW These are smokeless and pollution less crackers Are you enjoying ??? Yes OK - TATA - BYE BYE - LOVE YOU ALL HAPPY  DIWALI